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about me.

Angela Valentino is an Italian Make Up Artist with a strong inclination towards make up art. Her passion started with the performing arts at high school - Liceo Artistico Caravaggio in Milan, Italy.
Graduated in 2008 in Set Designer at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milano listed 1st in the top of Academies of Arts in the world.
During 3 years of the course Angela was able to broaden her experience to almost any field of the theater, television and cinema. Angela graduated in 2011 in Costume Designer at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milano with the exclusive feedback.
While still in the university, Angela started studying in the best Make Up School in Italy - BCM Cosmetics - graduating in 2011.
Consecutively, she collaborated with several theaters and art studios. Angela has been working in high fashion show in Italy and US (New York) as well as a few international fashion magazines.
Her capabilities range from creating sets and costumes for theater, television, projects, advertising and cinema, to the realization of the most beautiful make up. 
Angela is living and working in NYC now.




Displaying clothing and other fashion items


Modern version of glamour-style portraiture


Images that can stand on their own and don't need explanations fall into the category.


Makeup for men matter during photoshoot


Activities relating to wedding – kind of obvious, right?


Telling a story as in fine art photography and photojournalism



Tel: +1 929 261 3374

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